Ensuring quality of life for wild horses and burros through contraception.

Imagine a world where wild horses and burros have the range and resources available to roam and live as they were intended, wild and free…

That’s exactly what the Wild Horses of America Foundation is trying to create. In 2000 we founded a 501(c)3 charity. At that time there were approximately 10,000 formerly wild horses and burros being stockpiled in BLM (Bureau of Land Management) holding facilities. We started the Foundation with the desire to give a large number of these animals a better home by creating sanctuaries. (You can read about one of our early efforts here:  Fremont Island Project).

Today, there are approximately 45,000 horses and burros in BLM holding pens and pastures.  Over the years we evolved our strategy to focus on minimizing the number of animals who are removed from their wild ranges, which in turn reduces the number who will be held in pens. The best tool to manage herd growth on-range is the contraceptive PZP (Porcine Zona Pellucida). Since 2015 we have been treating mares of the Onaqui Mountain Herd with PZP. The use of contraception allows horse and burro herd growth rates to be managed without using the disruptive round-up and removal strategies that are commonly employed. We plan to extend this contraceptive work to other wild horse herds.

Wild Horses of America’s contraceptive approach offers a minimally invasive solution to ensure the best quality of life possible to these wild horses and burros.

WE NEED YOUR HELP to continue treating the Onaqui herd with contraception and to extend similar programs to other herds.


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